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Airport Transfer Options

Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers

 Getting from and to the airport...

Airport shuttle buses

Airport Buses / shuttles...

Some are accessible and some are not.  If you consider this type of transfer research first to make certain if you require one that wheelchair accessible transfers are available at that location.  These are not private transfers, and your vehicle may make multiple stops and pickups.  If required do you have assistance in boarding?  Remember under insurance provisions the driver is often not allowed to assist in helping a person onto the bus. Doesn't mean they will not help but never count on that.  In the case of a vehicle that allows roll on accessibility for wheelchair or scooter then they will help with the procedure of boarding if you remain in the scooter or wheelchair.




Just like a transit system with a thousand drivers, taxis will also have a variety of driver personalities, from ones that like to give an un-requested tour of the city when they know it is your first time there or don't have a clue where you are going, to ones that are very helpful and courteous.  

Make sure that if considering a taxi that the taxi system in the location you are visiting does have wheelchair accessible vehicles if you require one. Some locations have very few accessible vehicles, and sometimes is advisable to at least enquire if accessible vehicles will be available when you arrive, and in some instances it may be best to arrange in advance.


Pre arranged transfer

Pre-arranged private transfers...

In the past I have always pre-arranged airport transfers.  The really good private transfer companies have flight tracking capabilities and as long as they have up to date flight information, they will keep track of when the flight is arriving or if it is delayed. If your flight number is changed it is very important to inform the transfer company otherwise they will expect you on a different flight.. I always have the contact info with me and if the flight is delayed I will contact the transfer company on my cell informing them of that. Bear in mind though that your cell phone service may not work in some countries and even if it does there could be additional charges to use such as roaming charges. On private transfers you can often arrange meet and greet service (sometimes for an extra charge)  that the driver will be waiting as you come into the baggage claim area with a sign with you name on it and will assist you with picking up your luggage.  


Most times I have had more courteous service using private pre-arranged transfers than with taxi services, and I have never been given a tour of the city when using pre-arranged private transfers.  But not all private transfer companies may have wheelchair accessible vehicles. Scooters and wheelchairs that easily come apart or fold should be ok in almost any vehicle, although consider the number of luggage items and number of companions coming with you when deciding on which vehicle type to book.

By: Donald Kerr

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