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Check before you Travel!

The above links are some of places you can check entrance requirements

Do you need a Visa?



Do your research you and you alone (not the travel agent) are responsible to know what the entrance requirements are for every country you wish to visit including countries that you are just in transit / changes planes in. Even if you think you know check anyway rules can change.

saving pictures from screen TIPS & TRIP PLANNING

Saving Pictures from
your computer screen

saving pictures from screen

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How to capture and save pictures from websites.

Often websites employ coding that will prevent you from right clicking on the picture and saving it.

There is a way to get it through a windows function.

First thing you need to do is to display the largest picture that the website will allow onto the screen.

Center the picture make sure the entire picture is on the screen with nothing in front of it, make sure the mouse pointer is not over the picture.

There is a button near the top right of the keyboard labeled as "Prn Scrn" or something similar to that, now push that button.

Now open the paint program, depending on which version of an operating system you have, it may be under programs/accessories/paint.

Now use the paste function in Paint to paste the screen you captured into paint.

Now use the cutting tool and with you mouse outline the picture only then cut (usually under edit/cut). Now go up to file/new, say no to saving. Make sure your working window is resized (if it is not already) smaller than the picture cut area, now paste into paint (usually edit/paste) now you will see only the picture you cut out. Now go to file/save as, and save it as a jpg file.

Repeat for every picture you wish to save. You can now save to a cd or where ever you wish, now the resolution may not be good enough to print a 8 x 10 but it is will likely produce a good 4x6 print.

By: Donald Kerr

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