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Check before you Travel!

The above links are some of places you can check entrance requirements

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Do your research you and you alone (not the travel agent) are responsible to know what the entrance requirements are for every country you wish to visit including countries that you are just in transit / changes planes in. Even if you think you know check anyway rules can change.

Parker Ranch

Hawaii - 7 Night Cruise

(on Hawaii Cruise Feb. 2 - 9, 2008)

Kona Coast & Parker Ranch

Feb. 6, 2008

Kona Coast Hawaii

Description &

Tender Boat Kona Hawaii

Kona was a tender port, where the cruise ship did not dock on shore but anchored off shore and you where transported to and from shore by smaller boats.

Mobility devices could be brought with you provided it was foldable or it came apart easily, no one section of the mobility device could exceed 100 pounds. A few steps on the ship to get to the tender platform. Assistance is available but if you have no walking ability at all, you may have to remain on the ship at this port.

Your mobility device must be foldable or can easily come apart quickly and be stored in the bus under floor storage / you also need to manage the steps into the bus.

Kona coast is mostly a sight seeing tour, and since it was 3 years ago that we took this, I do not remember for sure what stops where made, we did stop at Parker Ranch, and as I remember it was accessible in the area we went, they give you an overview of the history of the ranch.

Written: January 21, 2011
By: Donald Kerr



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